Contacts and Mailing Lists


Media Contact (website information):

OSG Executive Director
Frank Würthwein

OSG Council Chair
Ruth Pordes
+1 (630) 840 3921

For OSG support:
Grid Operations Center
+1 (317) 278 9699

OSG Mailing Lists

To send email to an OSG mailing list, use the links below. (All are of the form For initial or general contact, use

The links next to the list name, when present, allow to see the Archive (A) or to Join or Leave the list (J).

List Name Links Primary Purpose and/or Audience Replicated at GOC (in progress)
Security and Support
OSG-General A J Community support for OSG members, administrators and users Y
OSG-RA A J OSG Registration Authority Y
OSG-TWiki Twiki-related issues, problems and requests N
OSG-Webmaster A J Communications issues Y
BOSCO-Discuss A J BOSCO support and discussion N
OSG-education Communications to the Education team N
OSG-EDU-announce Announcements of Education Events N
System Administrator Lists
OSG-Sites A J Site administrator support, discussions and exchange Y
OSG-INT A J Discussion and coordination of software integration activity N
General Communications
OSG A J General OSG discussion. Newsletter distribution list. Receives notifications of training workshops and other community activities. Y
OSG-Operations A J Operations activities. Receives notifications also present in the operations blog. Y
OSG-VO-Forum A J Representatives of all Virtual Organizations in OSG
Management and activity coordination lists N
OSG-Accounting A J OSG Accounting Team N
OSG-Accounting-Info A J Daily, weekly, monthly accounting reports. An important tool for reliability metrics and site usage. N
CampusGrids A J Discussion and coordination for the Campus Grids activity N
BOSCO-Devel A J Internal list for BOSCO developers N
OSG-Docs A J OSG Documentation Team N
OSG-Software OSG Software Team Y

Register, unsubscribe and view lists

To subscribe to a list, send an email to with subscribe listname firstname lastname in the body of the email. For example, if John Smith wanted to subscribe to OSG-General, he would send an email that looked like this:

To :
Subject : (can be left blank)
----- Message Text -----
subscribe OSG-General John Smith 

To unsubscribe from a list, send an email to with signoff listname in the body of the email. For example, to unsubscribe from OSG-Int, one would use the command "signoff OSG-INT" in the body of the message.

To find out information about a list send email to with "review xxx" (without ") where xxx is the listname as the body.

Here is an achive of all mailing lists at Fermilab. To view a ListServ archive with all the messages in a list, go to, where "listname" is the name of mailing list, e.g.

To find out all public lists send email to with "lists" in the body.

How to Request a New Mailing List

There is a Request Mailing List Form: Note that the same form is used to request mailing lists for and

The following are steps to follow when creating a mailing list:

  • You will need to provide informations and select the appropriate settings for the list (a brief description of each is provided in the page to enable you to set up the mailing list), among which: * Identify the email address of the primary owner
    • Provide a name and a brief description of the mailing list.
    • Include a welcome message for new subscribers
    • Identify other owners of the list, if applicable
    • Select as Domain for your list, to have a list ""
  • Include any additional comments in the text area provided.
  • Submit the form.

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