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Deploying perf SONAR for WLCG/OSG

This page provides details for site admins installing, upgrading or using perfSONAR in WLCG/OSG. The sections below are intended to allow users to find quickly the specific information they are interested in.

Our strong recommendation for anyone maintaining/using perfSONAR is that they join either/both of the following mailing lists:

Overview of perfSONAR in WLCG/OSG

The following topical sections provide details about perfSONAR for WLCG/OSG

Changes for perfSONAR3.5.1

The final release of perfSONAR 3.5.1 was put into the perfSONAR repository on March 2, 2016. All sites following our recommendation of having auto-updates enabled should have upgraded during the next 24 hours.

NOTE: The 3.5.1 release has made changes to the default paths to be more compatible with the best common practice. If you use configuration management tools or have scripts that manipulate or manage your perfSONAR configuration you will likely need to update them to track the new locations. Details at

See release notes at

Changes for perfSONAR 3.5

For those of you have are familiar with installing perfSONAR in WLCG we summarize what is changed going to v3.5.x below.

  • *Upgrades or reinstalls to perfSONAR v3.5 should just follow the perfSONAR page instructions
    • If there is any suspicion your system could have been compromised we recommend a clean install of v3.5.x (whatever is most current), though this will lose any existing data.
    • For running v3.3.x or 3.4.x versions this should be as simple as yum clean all; yum -y update; reboot (But read the install/upgrade notes)
  • We are deprecating the use of NDT and NPAD. These components, while useful in some cases, force the use of Web100 kernels and RENO as the TCP protocol.
    • Sites can choose to run these but it is not a recommendation from OSG or WLCG
  • Sites must either open port 80 or port 443 to our monitoring subnets to allow the test metrics to be collected (see iptables item below).
  • The mesh-config URLs are now hosted at OSG and the updated URLs are document in the Installation/upgrade Guide above
    • Until the OSG created meshes are ready, the OSG URLs will redirect to the manually configured CERN instances we have been using.
  • The monitoring for perfSONAR has migrated to OSG (but we continue to maintain the prototype instances on
  • We are providing instructions for sites concerned about ports 80/443 with examples for tightening the iptables configuration which comes with perfSONAR while ensuring the data is still accessible.
    • Either port 80 or 443 must be open for the OSG/WLCG monitoring subnets and any desired local subnets
  • For sites with IPv6 available we are strongly recommending configuring perfSONAR to be dual-stacked
    • Sites with IPv6 should get both A and AAAA records for their perfSONAR DNS name (as well as ensuring the reverse is in place).
    • All existing meshes will support both IPv4 and IPv6 testing. Sites with both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses testing to sites that also have both will run two tests. A side effect of this is that as more sites provide IPv6 addresses, the amount of testing will increase.
    • At some future point when most sites have IPv6, we may need to adjust the testing frequency to reduce the overall amount of testing
    • More information about IPv6 is available from

The WLCG Network Throughput Working Group is responsible for monitoring the WLCG/OSG instances and for defining and maintaining the mesh-configurations that we use to control perfSONAR testing. Please contact them if you have questions or suggestions related to perfSONAR testing amongst WLCG sites.


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