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The Documentation Team is a group of OSG members who are working to improve the documentation provided by OSG. These improvements are based on a study conduced by Jim Weichel and a follow-on 2 day workshop with the Documentation Team (that included Ann Zimmerman as facilitator). Both are documented in the Documentation Alignment Initiative, The improvements are to be implemented during OSG Year 4 (1 Oct 2009 - 30 Sep 2010).


This effort is part of the OSG Area 1.8 Training and Content Management. “Content Management” captures the strategy (and practical fact) that nearly all the content of OSG documentation and training must be produced by the providers of the software and processes, both in the OSG Consortium and external to OSG. Therefore, the Training and Content Management area is responsible for providing a good framework of processes, technology, and standards to encourage and enable the content providers provide that content.


Content Management
  1. Establish ownership, policies, and processes for documentation
  2. Implement standards and technology to support documentation processes
    1. Annotation
    2. Document rating
    3. Document standards with associated templates
  1. Provide package of documentation (Quick Guides) for T3 sites. This includes site creation, site administration, and site security. (Dan Fraser/Marco Mambelli lead providers of content. Mine Altunay provides security content – see also 5 below.)
  2. Provide improved release, security, and storage documentation that meets the new standards. (Rob Gardner & team lead owners to provide content in next release. Mine Altunay provides content for security.)
  3. Provide Security Guides that double as training material (Mine Altunay provides content)
  4. Better organize and enhance documentation that we have for End Users
  5. Consolidate information to address the many issues that have to be worked (technical and political) to add a Campus to OSG. (Sebastien Goasguen leads development of content.)


The current Documentation Alignment Team members are: The team's mailing list is OSG-DOCS.

Beginning 2011 Oct 1, Jim Weichel is the Area Coordinator/Document Architect. The Documentation Architect role is described in the OSG DocDB #889.

hand Please note that documents assigned to a reviewer will only show up on his homepage when following conditions are met:


hand Please note that documents assigned to a tester will only show up on her homepage when following conditions are met:

   * TEST_READY     = %YES%

People with Document Responsibilities

The current (September 2011) list of people who have any role on documents in the Content Management process are listed in the following table. The table includes the roles (owner, reviewer, tester) and the number of documents each is associated with.
# User is owner is reviewer is tester related documents comment
1 Main/AdamCaprez   yes yes 2 reassign
2 Main/AlainRoy yes yes yes 11  
3 Main/AlainDeximo     yes 1 OK
4 Main/AlexSim   yes   4  
5 Main/AnandPadmanabhan yes yes yes 8  
6 Main/AnthonyTiradani yes yes yes 8  
7 Main/AshuGuru   yes yes 4 ?
8 Main/BrianBockelman yes yes yes 17  
9 Main/BurtHolzman yes yes   3  
10 Main/ChanderSehgal yes     1  
11 Main/DanFraser yes yes   3  
12 Main/DaveDykstra yes     3  
13 Main/DerekWeitzel yes yes yes 21 reassign
14 Main/DouglasStrain yes yes yes 13 OK
16 Main/ElizabethChism yes yes yes 19  
17 Main/GabrieleGarzoglio   yes yes 8 Actually only reviewer
18 Main/HaifengPi     yes 1 reassign
19 Main/HorstSeverini yes yes   8  
20 Main/IgorSfiligoi   yes yes 40  
22 Main/JamesBarlow yes     29 reassign to Anand
23 Main/JamesWeichel yes yes yes 47  
24 Main/JeffDost yes     7 Reassign to Doug Strain Oct 15
25 Main/KarthikArun   yes   3 confirm with Suchandra
26 Main/KyleGross yes yes yes 5  
27 Main/ManePoonam     yes 1 confirm with Tanya
28 Main/MarkoSlyz yes     2  
29 Main/MarcoMambelli yes yes yes 56  
30 Main/MatsRynge yes     1  
31 Main/MichaelThomas   yes   1 reassigned
32 Main/MineAltunay yes yes   8  
33 Main/NehaSharma yes yes yes 15  
34 Main/PhilippeCanal yes     1 confirm with him
36 Main/RobSnihur   yes yes 2 confirm with Marco
37 Main/RobQ yes yes   19  
38 Main/RuthPordes yes yes   1  
39 Main/SarahWilliams yes     1  
40 Main/ScotKronenfeld yes yes yes 8  
41 Main/ScottTeige yes yes   2 ?
42 Main/StevenTimm yes yes   25  
43 Main/SuchandraThapa yes yes yes 40  
44 Main/TanyaLevshina yes yes yes 41 reassign to Doug Strain except gratia?
45 Main/TedHesselroth yes yes yes 13 Done. Reassigned to Doug Strain.
46 Main/TerrenceMartin yes yes yes 13  

  • Total = 588
  • Content Management Project = 408 (69%)
  • OSG Community = 180 (31%)

  • Responsibilities?

Document Areas and Status

Area Coordinator Documents Reviewed Tested Released Completed
General? RobertEngel 89 85 8/8 85 96%
Compute Element? RobertEngel 70 55(+2) 21/26 52(+1) 74%
Storage? TanyaLevshina 45 35 20/23 36 80%
Security? JamesBarlow 35 35 10/10 35 100%
Tier3? MarcoMambelli 26 11 4/6 19 73%
VO? VOR3 TerrenceMartin 22 14(+1) 7/8 18(+1) 81%
User? BrianBockelman 21 19 11/12 20 95%
Operations? ElizabethChism 14 14 12/12 14 100%
Integration? SuchandraThapa 4 4 1/1 4 100%
All   322 267(+3) 94/106 285(+2) 89%




Work in Progress

Each of the documents in this section have a comment field that you can use to give us input or you can send mail to: OSG-DOCS.

We are experimenting with an initial proposal for the contents of an installation document. The user needs and requirements for Installation Documents are found in InstallDocContentRequirements and the resulting Install Document template is ReleaseDocumentationDocInstallTemplate. The first install document created using the template is ReleaseDocumentationGsiFtpStandAlone.

We are developing short descriptions of the Documentation processes (DocProcess) and the responsibilities of the roles in documentation:

One important issue in the process is how to manage documentation for new releases. See DocReleaseProcess for the new process for managing documentation for different types of releases.

Training for anyone working on documentation can be found in DocHowTo.

We are looking at TWiki plugins and other technologies to add the features needed for the Alignment Project. TechnologyUsed lists the features and proposed technologies. There is a new TWiki set up to test these technologies at Test TWiki. The PluginGallery is a test of these plugins on the test TWiki.

A list of work items for the project are in WorkItems.

Action Items

Document Triage

We did a triage of all the documents in the Documentation and ReleaseDocumentation webs. The results of this review can be found in DocTriageAll. In addition, a triage document was created for each area owner that lists documents in their area that are in the Documentation and ReleaseDocumentation webs as well as other webs (like the associated team web). This is explained in DocTriage which contains a table listing the individual triage documents for each area.

The documents in the Documentation and ReleaseDocumentation webs that currently have Owners (RESPONSIBLE variable) can be found in DocLists which list both the Owner and Reviewer.

Also a list documents in various team webs is contained in DocTriageTeam.


Documentation/DocumentationTeam Web Utilities

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