Tue Afternoon Interactive Session - Introduction to security


This page provides the instructions for the interactive session that will introduce you to security.


We will be doing this exercise the old fashioned way; no computers involved. We will use paper and pen, with students playing the roles of compute nodes..

We will have 3 types of nodes:

  • 8 user nodes
  • a scheduler node
  • 20 compute nodes

Two students will act as networking.

Students should pick their preferred role... but the instructor will have the final word.

Exercise in a nutshell

Users create jobs to run. They are given a stack of paper that contain a set of blank fields to complete:

  • user name (fictitious, assigned),
  • job (math problem, e.g. 7+8),
  • other fields to leave blank (job ID, compute slot, result).

Once filled out each paper, the User gives the paper to the scheduler. He then waits for the results.

The Scheduler Node obtains the jobs from Users and adds unique job IDs to the sheet of paper. Periodically, it looks for available Compute nodes and passes jobs to them, in random order (e.g. pick from a bowl). It also collects the results and hands them back to the users.

A Compute node accepts the job request, copies down the existing data to a new piece of paper, add its name to the paper, computes the result, writes it down and return it to the scheduler node.

What will you learn

Wait and see wink

-- IgorSfiligoi - 25 Jun 2012

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