Recent and Upcoming

Service Server Implementation Type
IS4 (CEMon/BDII Aggregator) Cindy Stand Alone
TWiki Freeman Stand Alone VM
Gratia Web Ginrummy VM
Requested and Planned
OSG Top Level BDII Not Procured Stand Alone
WMS GlideIn Factory Not Procured Stand Alone
BDII v5 Ginrummy and Replace v4 Servers Stand Alone(?) or VM(is3)
Pakiti   VM
New CMS (TWiki/DocDB/WebPages)   VM(?)

Persistent Services

Service Server Implementation Type
Local Backups Nukufetau Stand Alone
CA Monitor Ginrummy VM
CEMon/BDII Aggregator (2) Bundy and Riley Stand Alone
CEMon/BDII Aggregator-ITB (2) Grandad VM
Puppet (Configuration Mgmt) Dubois Multi-Service Host
GOC CRL Distro Dubois Multi-Service Host
GOC Internal TWiki Dubois Multi-Service Host
VM and Service Installations Dubois Multi-Service Host
OSG JIRA Ginrummy VM
GOC LDAP (3) Funafuti, Huey, Ginrummy VM
Trash.ReleaseDocumentationMonALISA Nui Stand Alone
Munin Dubois Multi-Service Host
MyOSG (2)* Ruckus and Huey VM
OIM* Huey VM
OSG Software Cache* Ruckus and Huey VM
RSV Collector* Dahmer Stand Alone
RSV Clients* Ruckus and Heuy VM
YUM CA Repo* Ruckus and Huey VM
www.grid (Ticket Reports) Ruckus VM
GOC Ticket (2) Ruckus and Huey VM
GOC Ticket Synchronizer Ruckus VM
OSG Display Ruckus VM
RSV Process (MyOSG? Consolidator) (2) Ruckus and Huey VM
Data (GOC Internal MySQL? Cluster) (2) Ruckus and Huey VM
LVS (Currently in test) Ruckus VM
GOC Monitor (Currently in test) Ginrummy VM
Gocmon (Meta monitor) Google App Engine VM
GOC-Alert Message Bus Google Group VM
GIP Validator (Myosg Consolidator) Ruckus VM
Top level BDII Monitor (MyOSG? Consolidator) Ruckus VM
Installed Capacity Report (on OIM) Huey VM
RSV-SAM Uploader (on RSV Collector) Dahmer Stand Alone
RSV Report (on RSV Collector) Dahmer Stand Alone
OIM Daily Report Huey VM

NOTE: Services marked by * indicate unlisted ITB Version Exists Also.

Deprecated Services

Service Server Deprecation Date
VORS Funafuti August 2009

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