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VO Package Releases

About this document

This document contains a list of Virtual Organization (VO) Package updates as well as links to the respective changes they have contained. The list of changes can help a resource administrator to determine which updates will affect his or her resource users.

Full update procedures can be found at VO Package Update.

Release Contents

VO Package Contents

The VO Package consist of two packages the OSG CE/SE/GUMS package and the OSG Client Package. The packages configure the resource to connect to authorization and authentication services.

The CE/SE/GUMS Package consists of the following configuration files:

  • edg-mkgridmap.osg (Used for resources using a Grid Map File)
  • gums-fqan.txt (Used by RSV Probes)
  • gums.template (Used by GUMS Servers)
  • (Installation Script)
  • vomses (Used buy voms-proxy-init)

And the VO Client consists of:

  • (Installation Script)
  • vomses (Used buy voms-proxy-init)

Release Workflow

The VO-Package is updated manually by the GOC as needed (requests for changes, additions and deletions are tracked via the ticket system) and sent to the ITB for testing before deployment. When ITB approves the package contents the GOC will release the packages into production.


  • This information is additionally documented in the operations blog along with procedures for installing the packages
  • Here is a direct link to the VO package directory on Github.

-- RobQ - 27 Jan 2010


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